Energy, professionalism, and passionate is just a small sample of all the wonderful ways to describe Austin. His unique ability to connect with his families is what sets him apart. Austin is a perfect addition to every type of celebration!


Dylan Weisman is ready to help you celebrate at your next event! With his attention to detail, high-energy personality, and pure love for helping families celebrate, there is no doubt that any event with Dylan will be an amazing memory for you, and all of your loved ones. From the first time you sit down with him, to the very last song at your affair, the connection that you and your family build with Dylan will continue to thrive long after your celebration concludes.


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Wild Bill

Wild Bill has been helping families across the east coast celebrate their special events for over 20 years. With his experience, poise, and award-winning smile, Wild Bill is one of the most sought after entertainers for any occasion. Your next event with Wild bill is sure to be a perfect memory with a bit of a WILD SIDE.